Jackson Derler

Areas of Expertise

  • Landscape Architecture

Jackson Derler, RLA

Principal, Landscape Architecture

Jackson brings to HMH his design expertise recognized for combining the client’s objectives with elegant simplicity, sophisticated use of materials and innovative functionality. He has considerable experience working on a broad spectrum of custom single-family residential, high-density multi-family residential, commercial, office renovation, retail and city projects. Jackson collaborates closely with the clients and the project team to oversee the majority of HMH’s market ready projects, managing work flow, contracting, professional practice and design. The focus of his market ready projects is discovering the harmony between forward thinking design and a respect for the existing infrastructure, allowing for a space that grants modern aesthetic to seamlessly coexist with resourceful functionality. The market ready projects often present diverse challenges in regard to scale, dated existing infrastructure and limited budgets but all of the challenges create opportunity to employ unique design implementation that Jackson enjoys exploring.

Education: BLA Landscape Architecture – California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo