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Blossom Hill Station

Blossom Hill Station is a 7.59-acre property located along Blossom Hill Road and Canoas Creek in San Jose. Currently this property is a Park & Ride lot for VTA Light Rail and Bus passengers. VTA aims to revitalize the property and foster a vibrant community through the development of mixed-use/mixed-income residential and commercial spaces. As a transit-oriented development, Blossom Hill Station will provide a place for people to live and work.


3896 Stevens Creek (Cypress/Lifetime)

3896 Stevens Creek is a proposed high-density commercial development in the heart of the City of San Jose’s Stevens Creek Urban Village Plan. The project includes approximately 270,000 SF of office, 15,000 SF of ground floor retail, a 150,000 sf fitness resort and a publicly accessible plaza. This project, covering approximately 6.3 acres will redevelop a low-density, auto-centric site into a high-density, pedestrian friendly development that will serve as catalyst for future development in the Stevens Creek corridor.


802 S 1st Street (1st and Virginia)

802 South First Street is a proposed mixed use development on an approximately 1.2-acre site just outside downtown San Jose. The project includes 140 apartment units and 4,700 SF of ground floor retail, along with desirable amenities including a rooftop deck. The proposed project will transform an underutilized site into a pedestrian friendly, high density development while providing much needed housing in the downtown area.


Regnart Creek Trail

The Regnart Creek Trail, envisioned in the City’s 2016 Bicycle Plan, provides a tremendous opportunity for off-street bicycle and pedestrian connections in an urban environment. Positioned along a 12’ access road, the project will re-purpose the existing Valley Water maintenance road with an 8’ decomposed granite trail. The project includes upgraded roadway crossings, a prefabricated bike/ped bridge and relocation of a maintenance ramp extending into Regnart Creek. HMH completed the Feasibility Study and is concurrently performing Environmental Clearance, Detailed Design and Permitting activities. The project, which abuts dozens of private back yards, has been controversial in the community. HMH has carefully balanced the needs of the community, the impacts to nearby residents and the requirements of Valley Water to deliver this complex project.


215 Moffett

The goal of the commercial office project was to create a sustainable solution by rehabbing an existing building into a Class A office building. Prior to construction, the land surveying performed an ALTA survey, boundary survey, topographic survey, plats and legals and construction staking for the project so as to ensure complete and accurate information for the project while utilizing the latest in software and field equipment technology.
In addition to the site improvements, bio-treatment and self-retaining areas are utilized in conjunction to treat stormwater runoff from the 9.4 acre site. Eleven separate bio-treatment areas are dispersed throughout the project area.


US 101 / De La Cruz / Trimble Interchange Improvements

The US 101 / De La Cruz / Trimble Interchange Improvements Project is intended to improve traffic operations for through movements on the local roadway and turning movements to and from the freeway ramps, as well as improve weaving and merging conditions along southbound US 101 between the loop on-ramp, loop off-ramp and the next downstream exit to Route 87. Upgrades are also needed to enhance the interchange to better accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians at this critical link across US 101, consistent with current Complete Streets standards. Lastly, the project will replace the existing outdated overcrossing structure that is too narrow, has insufficient clearance over US 101, and does not meet current seismic standards. The bridge replacement will need to be implemented without further encroachment into approach and departure glide slope surfaces for the runways at San Jose International Airport.
HMH will reconfigure the existing ¾ cloverleaf interchange into a partial cloverleaf and adds a grade separated Class I trail under the high-volume southbound ramps. The project includes two protected intersections to connect the Class I facility to existing city streets. The local roadway is identified as a Cross County Bicycle Corridor (CCBC) network in the Draft Countywide Bicycle Plan (Feb 2018) with a moderate to high priority for implementation. Also identified as an Across Barrier Connection (ABC), De La Cruz Boulevard/Trimble Road is one of a few connections across the US 101 freeway within the North San Jose area.


1st Street / Sunol Blvd / Bernal Ave Protected Intersection

The Bernal Avenue/Sunol Boulevard/First Street intersection in Pleasanton serves as a gateway to downtown from highway 680 and it is subject to increasingly higher traffic volumes during the commute hours causing localized congestion. The goal of the project is to improve operations for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Improvements will include left turn pocket upgrades and integration of complete streets concepts to accommodate safe paths of travel for bicyclists and pedestrians toward downtown with upgraded bicycle and pedestrian facilities.


Rafael Hernandez, PE

Rafael has over ten years of experience working on public works and land development projects throughout the Bay Area. As a Civil Engineering Manager at HMH, Rafael is responsible for the management, design, coordination and production of grading and drainage plans, public and private improvement plans and Stormwater Control Plans for various projects that include […]